The Different Types of Western Saddles and their Purpose

Posted by Lynnsy Johnson - Saddle Up on Jan 16th 2020

The horse world is filled with many different types of saddles, disciplines, and riding styles. Each person rides differently and finds certain saddles more comfortable than others. You also have to t … read more

Seasonal Vaccines and Deworming

Posted by Saddle Up on Jan 2nd 2020

Vaccines and deworming is a super important part in owning horses. It's always a good idea to keep them up to date on everything, but their needs can change depending on certain variations. Weather, l … read more

Keeping Your Senior Horses Happy and Healthy

Posted by Saddle Up on Dec 19th 2019

Did you know that 20% of the U.S. horse population is over the age of 20? Just like everything in life, as time goes on, our horses age. With age comes higher risks of colic, cushings, dental issues, … read more

Chaps & Chinks - The Cowboy Way

Posted by Saddle Up on Dec 5th 2019

For centuries, chinks and chaps have been an accessory item for cowboys and cowgirls world wide. From ranch work to roughstock events, you see this article of clothing, but why? What are they? What is … read more

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Let's Discuss The Best Colic Preventions

Posted by Saddle Up on Nov 21st 2019

Hey cowboys and cowgirls! It is that time of year and here in Colorado, winter is hitting us hard already. Did you know that weather change is one of the number one culprits to causing colic? When tha … read more

Top 8 Places To Hit The Trails In Colorado

Posted by Saddle Up on Nov 7th 2019

Happy Thursday everyone! This blog is for all of our trail riding fans out there! These are the top 8 recommended places in Colorado to go trail riding. Remember to always check the rules/regulations … read more