Cleaning Mohair Tack - The Do's & Don'ts

Posted by Lynnsy Diekman - Saddle Up on May 10th 2023

When it comes to your horse's tack, it is very important to keep the items clean! It is always a good idea to check your saddle pads, leg protection, cinches, and even your bits. Most of your tack is pretty easy to clean, however some may require a more delicate approach. A great example is anything made out of mohair. A lot of people use mohair cinches, but there are breast collars and headstalls too. Mohair is a bit more unique and can be ruined if the right steps aren't taken to clean it. Let's take a look today on how to clean mohair and what to avoid when doing so.

One thing to remember is not to over clean mohair. Typically, it shouldn't need to be washed more than once a year. 

Make sure you remove any debris prior to washing it. This includes burrs, stickers, clumps of hair, or dirt/crusty spots. You can gently use a soft brush on the back side (side against the horse) to knock some of the stuff loose . 

If the mohair is needing washed, the best thing to go with is a horse shampoo. You can fill a bucket with cool water and add just a small amount of shampoo. Then, if you hold the cinch by the buckles, you can dunk it down into the water.

If your cinch has a lot of build up on it or is just really dirty, you can let it soak in the bucket for a few minutes. You can then rinse with a hose until it is clean. After you rinse it, lay it flat or hang it to dry. However, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight. 

It is important that you never put the mohair in the wash machine and definitely don't power wash it. Doing this can damage the fibers or it can cause the mohair to become matted. Also, hot water can cause fading and weaken the molecules. It is recommended to store it inside and in a dry environment. Make sure to keep it away from rodents and insects. 

If you do ride with mohair tack, it is also important to avoid spraying fly spray on it. The chemicals in the fly repellent will damage the material and cause color fading. 

There are great advantages to using mohair tack and it can last if you take care of it properly. While it is important to keep it clean, it is equally important to no over do it. Mohair is great at keeping itself clean! 

Here are a few benefits of using Mohair tack: 

- Very durable, yet soft

- Little shrinkage

- Moisture wicking 

- Holds color 

- Easy to maintain 

- All natural material 

Mohair is a tried and true favorite! It not only has great benefits, but it sure looks cool too! 

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