Saddle Fit

Saddle Up’s number one priority is to assist our customers in finding the best fitting saddle for both horse and rider. A correct fitting saddle is the key to optimum performance, safety, and communication with your horse. Offering saddle fitting’s on and off site is our way to try to ensure you are getting the best fitting saddle possible. You can bring your horse to our location, make your selection of saddles, and try them on right at our shop or pick out the saddles of your choice and we will bring them to your location. If you’re purchasing online, we also want to make sure the saddle is right for you, that's why we give you 7 days from the date the saddle is received to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for!


On-Site Saddle Fit Prices:

  • Saddle fits on-site are $35.00. This fee covers one horse for an hour and a half of our saddle fitter's time. Each additional horse will be $15.00. This fee will need to be paid while scheduling either over the phone or in the shop.
  • The $35.00 fee in non-refundable. 

Off-Site Saddle Fit Prices:

  • Within 30 miles from Saddle Up: $65.00 fitting fee and $1.00 per mile to your location (one way).
  • Within 31-45 miles from Saddle Up: $80.00 fitting fee and $1.00 per mile to your location (one way).
  • Within 46-60 miles from Saddle Up: $95.00 fitting fee and $1.00 per mile to your location (one way).
  • Over 61 miles from Saddle Up will be charged on a case by case basis/agreed price with a minimum charge of $150.00 which includes mileage up to 60 miles, each additional mile will be charged $1.00 per mile to your location (one way).

Special Situations:

  • If you personally have more than one horse you would like us to fit, each additional horse per party is $25.00 (husband and wife’s horses, you own 3 horses, etc.) 
  • If another party at the same location would like us to fit their horse as well, the fitting fee is $65.00 for their horse and $25.00 for each additional horse. You may split the mileage fee with the other party.

Expectations and Extra Fees: 

  • Please have horses caught, groomed, and ready to be saddled at the time of our arrival. 
  • If a saddle fitter has to wait more than 15 minutes after the agreed starting time, a $25.00 charge will be added to the saddle fitting fee. 
  • If we are unable to try saddles on the horse because of any behavior issues, the saddle fitting fee will still apply. 
  • In case of extreme weather conditions, saddle fits may be subjected to rescheduling. 

Signs of Improper Saddle Fit: 

  • Biting 
  • Bucking
  • Kicking
  • Pinning ears
  • Swishing Tail 
  • Decline of performance 
  • White spots on back 
  • Uneven sweat pattern on horses' back after riding
  • Horse tenses when the saddle is placed on it's back 
  • Constantly needs re-adjusting
  • Causes you to sit down on your horse’s spine
  • Cinch needs to be over-tightened
  • Sliding forward or backward