Professional's Choice Tail Tamer Pony Paints 4 oz Bottle

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Tail Tamer Pony Paints by Professional's Choice are great for creating a horse of a different color! This opaque, liquid paints are easy to apply and easy to wash off, showing up on even the darkest of coats with its vibrant tones. Whether you're preparing for a costume class, parade, or just want to have fun in the barn, these Pony Paints will give you inspiration for lots of pony playtime!

Product Details:

  • Fun liquid chalks that allow you to design patterns on your horse.
  • Use them with stencils or simply paint with your fingers for horsey fun!
  • Washes off easily!
  • Color will gradually fade in 2-3 days
  • Opaque colors show up well on all colors of coats!
  • 4 oz