New McCall Western Pendleton Ranch Saddle **CUSTOM**

New McCall Western Pendleton Ranch Saddle **CUSTOM**

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40.00 LBS

Available for custom order. Call for more information (303)-772-7821

With over 100 years of combined experience, these are the folks that make it all happen; our McCall Saddle Co. crew. Our workers take great pride in their craftsmanship by doing their part on each saddle as if it were their own. You’ll know they’ve made the very finest saddle possible for you, our valued customer when you sit in it for the first time. Rest assured you’ll get the very best value for your dollar. We pledge to continue doing our finest work for you. When you buy a McCall saddle it’s more than a saddle, it’s an extension of you. We take both very personally. McCall also offers unlimited customization and will build your dream saddle from the ground up. Give us a call for pricing, time frames, or just more information on ordering a custom McCall. 

 We can custom order any McCall saddle including A Lady Wade, 98 Wade, Northwest Wade, Wade Trail, Mclite, Pendleton, Roper, and more!

**Saddle pictured above is for reference**


Weight: Approx. 40lbs

Gullet: 7" mid-concho to mid concho

Seat Size: 14" - 17"

Skirt Length: 23.5"