New Martin Barrel Western Saddle **CUSTOM**

New Martin Barrel Western Saddle **CUSTOM**

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28.00 LBS

Available for custom order. Call for more information (303)-772-7821

There is no substitute for passion and a quest towards perfection in what you do. Each Martin Saddle is made by the hands of talented and passionate craftsman making each saddle step by step and of the highest quality raw materials. We manufacture our exclusive Axis® saddle trees in-house to ensure quality focus, precision, and undivided attention to the fine details in each one produced. Comfort and performance for both the horse and rider is our number one priority. You can customize a Martin Saddle to your satisfaction with multiple tooling options, saddle styles, rigging options, oils, and more. Give us a call for pricing, time frames, or just more information on ordering a custom Martin saddle.

**Saddle pictured above is for reference**

Each saddle varies in tree/fit. If you are look at a particular model, let us know so we can get the exact specifications. 


Weight: Approx. 30 lbs

Gullet: Varies 

Seat Size: 14" - 17"