New Circle Y 2234 Great Oak Barrel Saddle Wide Tree New Cobra Design

New Circle Y 2234 Great Oak Barrel Saddle Wide Tree New Cobra Design

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This one-of-a-kind saddle combines classic Western style with high-performance features such as our ALL-NEW Cobra tree, which provides our most aggressive, locked-in feeling seat yet! Its hand-tooled 1/2 Texas Flower tooling, combined with a roughout design, and 7/8 in-skirt rigging provide stick and stability in the arena. The 2234 Great Oak Barrel Saddle features the custom Circle Y Silver Thunderbird conchos to provide a subtle pop of color. Give the Great Oak Barrel Saddle a try for an unforgettable riding experience in and out of the arena!


  • The barrel racer looking for a deep-pocketed seat to stay in position throughout those deep tight turns.
  • The barrel racer looking to become more stationary throughout their run from the 5” cantle and 15” swell.
  • The horse that needs a more balanced fit, provided by our 7/8” In-Skirt rigging.
  • The horse that needs a round, short skirt for their compact, short back build


  • Featuring our ALL-NEW Cobra tree, the Great Oak barrel saddle provides our most aggressive locked-in feeling seat.
  • All-out roughout provides added stick and security through runs.
  • Short skirts are lightweight and fit well even on short-backed, compact-built horses
  • The Silver Thunderbird conchos are custom to Circle Y and provide the perfect pop of color to this ultra-lite and walnut natural beauty.


  1. 7/8” In-Skirt rigging is the most commonly used because it provides enough stability to the front of the saddle without interfering with movement!
  2. The Cobra tree comes in two fits, regular and wide. If you have questions about saddle fit, contact Circle Y customer service or your local Circle Y authorized dealer
  3. Hardseat saddles are a timeless choice and are known for their unmatchable comfortability once broken in
  4. Roughout adds grip to the saddle seat, by creating additional friction to hold the rider in place

MORE DETAILS: The placement of the saddle on the horse’s back is important to function and comfort. The correct saddling position places the front edge of the bar BEHIND the horse’s shoulder blade. This is the sweet spot where the saddle will rest comfortably without interfering with the horse’s movement. Here at Circle Y, we take saddle fit seriously and understand how vital saddle fit is to you and your horse. Often, we see riders over-padding on a well-fitting saddle, which can lead to poor saddle fit, saddle sores, and a sore back. Most horses (excluding heavy work like roping) perform best with a 3/4-inch pad. It’s a good rule of thumb to always check your fit and adjust pad width sizing regularly.

Another key piece we see often contributes to difficulty fitting saddles is horse conformation. A weak topline can lead to poor saddle fit. Horses with hollows behind the shoulder, asymmetry, prominent spines, swaybacks, and downhill builds need correctional pads to ensure proper fit. We recommend checking out Reinsman Equestrian correction padding to ensure your horse’s comfort or call our customer service team for more info!

WARRANTY: 10-Year Tree Warranty | 1-Year Craftsmanship Warranty | If at any point your saddle is showing damage, call our customer service team to receive prompt repair and guidance

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Every new saddle has been oiled and then finished with a protective finish, which means you don’t need to oil it for about six months. If you’re riding a lot in dry or variable weather conditions, you should oil it sooner. The protective finish is water-based so your leather can breathe, so do not use detergent-based, solvent, or harsh cleaning products. Rub the leather gently, and do not scrub vigorously with soap and water. For more information, please see your warranty card, or contact a Circle Y representative!


Cantle Height:
Circle Y
3 1/2" Neck x 2" Cap
15 inches
Seat Color:
Seat Color:
7/8 In-Skirt C
Tree Type:
Cobra Barrel
Tree Fit:
Skirt Drop:
Skirt Length:
Country of Manufacture:
United States