New Billy Cook Western All - Around Saddle **CUSTOM**

New Billy Cook Western All - Around Saddle **CUSTOM**

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31.00 LBS

Available for custom order. Call for more information (303)-772-7821

Billy Cook's saddles have always been intended to be an icon of affordable quality craftsmanship and functionality desired by the majority of horsemen and women. Superior Craftsmanship. All of our there saddles are handcrafted by professional artisans and they carefully examine every saddle that's produced. Billy Cook Harness & Saddle Mfg., Inc. began as a small custom saddle shop, and although they make a full line of production products, they pride there selves on heritage and continuing to build unique one of a kind products for our customers to carry on Billy’s Legacy. You can choose various tooling patterns, oils, conchos, skirt designs, and even custom hand painted designs. Options include just about any discipline of saddle and they will build it however you want it. Give us a call for pricing, time frames, or just more information on ordering a custom Billy Cook saddle.




**Saddle pictured above is for reference**


Weight: Approx. 31 lbs

Gullet: 7" mid-concho to mid concho

Seat Size: 14" - 17"

Skirt Length: 24"