HorsLic Equine Supplement Tub **In-store Purchase Only**

HorsLic Equine Supplement Tub **In-store Purchase Only**

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60.00 LBS

Call for pricing & stock (303)-772-7821

Saddle Up is now carrying HorsLic Supplement Products. This product will be available in-store only and you are welcome to call for pricing and stock inquiries! They do come in various sizes and different types to cater to all horse needs. 


New Generation Supplements utilizes extensive university research to develop and continually improve HorsLic Supplements. This research has helped produce scientifically advanced, nutrient dense Horse supplements.  HorsLic supplements target crucial areas like health, feed efficiency, and athlete performance and show and reproductive performance.

New Generation Supplement’s patented, continuous flow process produces a unique, supplement that even maintains its integrity in hot, humid weather.  Product hardness and consistency effectively narrow the animal consumption window to help you control supplemental feed cost.


HorsLic Omega Elite is a premium all-natural, low-moisture supplement that delivers essential omega-3 fatty acid benefits 24/7 for horses that need additional nutritional support, such as breeding stallions and mares, lactating mares and performance horses. HorsLic Omega Elite works in two ways–delivering optimum nutrients and providing Omega-3 supplementation.


Now approved for use in the equine industry, HorsLic incorporates Clarify in some products to provide horse owners a new tool in the battle against flies. Parasitic flies attack horses in areas where they are not able to defend themselves inflicting painful bites as they draw blood meals. This severely affects equine comfort and can be a threat to their health. Utilizing HorsLic with Clarifly Larvicide can help improve the well being of your horse!