Ecogold Horse Show Hangover Kit

Ecogold Horse Show Hangover Kit

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You came. You rode. You stayed on. Pamper yourself with Heels Down’s Horse Show Hangover Kit, which is guaranteed to make you feel as good as winning a 50-cent ribbon.

Includes: Barn Drama Detox soap (3.5 oz), Upper Level Goals soap (3.5 oz), Night Check Body Butter (1.69 oz) and the Horse Show Hangover Recovery Guide (20 pages).

Here’s what’s included in the kit:

Barn Drama Detox soap: Scrub away all the drama, both literally and figuratively, with this vegan soap made with a healing blend of Dead Sea mud, salt, Rhassoul clay and shea butter (3.5 oz bar).

Upper Level Goals soap: Purifies the skin by removing dirt, sweat, blood and tears. Handcrafted with natural lemongrass essential oil and shea butter (3.5 oz bar).

Night Check Body Butter: Don’t let your hands dry out like an old saddle. Made with moisturizing shea butter, this body cream works hard to reinvigorate your skin, even after a hot and dusty weekend under the sun at the horse show (1.69 oz jar).

Horse Show Hangover Recovery Guide: A step-by-step journey to feel your best and prepare to rejoin the ‘real world’ (20 pages).

So kick up those tired feet and relax. You earned your stall rest.