Saddle Up - The Little Tack Store That Could

Posted by Lynnsy Johnson - Saddle Up on Jun 25th 2020

Saddle Up is a family owned business in Longmont, Colorado. It has grown the old fashion way, from referrals and good, solid business ethic. What started as a retirement hobby has now turned into a booming business. We have a brick and mortar store as well as a strong online presence. Our dream came to life and we are passionate about the work we do.

In the 1990’s Dick Van Proosdy had made a trip out of state. He had traveled to Minnesota for business and he got in touch with a gentleman that would play an important part into our journey. The man had a tack shop; however, he was wanting to retire. Dick had gone into the tack shop and the two of them struck up and interesting conversation. Dick had told the shop owner how he always wanted to start his own tack shop. The shop owner offered to sell the remainder of his saddles at a good price. Dick agreed and he returned to Longmont with a vehicle full of saddles. He was so excited and he ended up setting up his own shop in his garage. He ran his small shop out of his garage for quite some time. Dick kept acquiring saddles and built himself an impressive customer base. Business was good, but space started playing a huge factor. Taking a huge leap, Dick moved his business to a different location with a pole barn. The new building provided many possibilities.

Once the business was up and running in the new location, the customer base grew. Dick was purchasing new and used western saddles and tack. He also offered consignment and trade ins, which was a huge hit for customers looking to rehome used tack. Saddle fitting was also offered by Dick, which was a bigger hit than trade ins and consignment combined! Customers had the opportunity to haul their horses to the shop and fitted for a new or used saddle. People were loving it! Dick was creating a treasure trove for horse lovers. His daughter, Danna, recognized how popular his store was becoming and offered to help him with the accounting for Saddle Up. She started working the shop with him and quickly became her passion too. She didn’t know as much about horses, but she studied and researched to offer their customers the best service possible. Danna and Dick were a great team and had created an amazing business together. They continued to offer consignments, trade ins, saddle fits. Saddle Up also started expanding the store's inventory.

As the world evolved, Saddle Up did too. We started selling inventory online and created social media pages. That took off too! Saddle Up went from a garage to being one of the top western saddle and tack companies in the Nation. Danna had poured her heart and soul into this business and she lived for it. She ended up buying the company from her dad and he retired in 2016. Danna has filled the shop with up-to-date inventory giving our customers endless variety. We now have over 250 new and used saddles in-stock and our walls are filled with new tack. We do still offer consignment and trade ins, as well as saddle fitting. Danna has made an amazing name for herself and the business. She is a precise saddle fitter and genuinely cares about all our customers. Danna hired a great team to back her up and each employee brings different skills to Saddle Up. Each staff member was once a customer and were then brought on to aid in Saddle Up’s journey. We have grown leaps and bounds. It is truly our passion and we intend to go even further.

The saddle and tack industry is always changing and there are many online competitors. If you enjoy visiting family owned tack shops to see, feel, and touch items, please support your local tack shop! Check out our website or come on down to the shop!