Saddle Serial Number 101

Posted by Lynnsy Diekman - Saddle Up on Jul 27th 2022

Something that can be very helpful when trying to find information on a saddle is a serial number. Even when our shop takes in a used saddle, we search for a serial number. Not all saddles will have them, but if they do, they can provide information about that particular model. We can research things like the year it was made, the tree, and other details to help determine a value.

Some makers do not stamp their saddles, so not all will have one, but it never hurts to look if you are wanting to get more information on your saddle. They can be placed in clearly visible spots, but sometimes they are tricky to find. Today I thought I would show you the most common places serial numbers can be placed. Even if your current saddle does not have it, it is a good tool to have for future saddles.

Latigo Keeper:

This is the first spot to check and is a very common place for the serial number. Typically, you will see the maker’s name or logo and then underneath the serial number will be stamped. Again, not all saddles will have it there or a number stamped at all, but this is the first place to check.

Serial Plate - Under Seat Jockey:

A lot of makers, mostly newer ones, will have an actual serial plate equipped on the saddle, underneath the seat jockey. Circle Y is a great example. If you lift up the seat jockey at the front, you will find their serial plate that visibly has the whole serial number etched into that plate. This can be super helpful and a lot of times they are easier to read.

Under Seat Jockey Edge:

If you lift up the seat jockey and look at the outside edge, sometimes there will be a serial number stamped along the border in the leather. This is not a super common placement, but we have seen quite a few come in with the numbers stamped along the edge under the seat jockey.

Under Fender:

If you lift up the fender and look at the very top of the saddle (near the tree and under the fender) there can be a serial number placed there. We do see quite a few makers use this area for serial numbers, Martin Saddlery is a great example. It won’t be on the fender itself, but on the leather right under the saddle tree.

Front- Under Pommel:

The next place to check is underneath the front of the pommel. If you stand right in front of your saddle and look directly under the saddle horn, in the lip of the pommel, there may be a serial number in this location as well. We do see quite a few hidden up there, including Allegany Saddles.

Bottom - Stirrup Leather:

We’ve only seen a few makers do this, McCall is the main one, but if you look at the very bottom of the stirrup leather, you may find a serial number. McCall does write the serial number in this location. It is down at the bottom, closer to your stirrup, almost where the hamley twist would be.

Serial numbers can be tricky to find so it never hurts to take a glance at the whole saddle. We hope this helps you find your saddle serial number!