Horse Movies To Watch - 10/10 Recommend

Posted by Lynnsy Diekman - Saddle Up on Aug 10th 2022

If you are a horse person, horse movies can be a little cringe worthy. However, there are a few out there that really hit the nail on the head. Most that I loved as a kid, I still watch today because they have made such an impact. I thought it would be fun to talk about my top 10 favorite horse movies. They may not be for everyone, but if you haven't seen it before, I suggest trying them out! There is a wide variety and they are all family friendly. If you have one that is not on the list, we would love to hear about it! 

1. Seabiscuit

This is a film that was made in 2003. It is based off of the famous race horse, Seabiscuit. It has always been one of my favorites and is just an all around great movie. It tells the heartwarming story about a horse who didn't have the best life. He ends up crossing paths with people who have also had a rough go and they all sort of fix each other. It is more of an under dog story, but it is very inspiring. You may shed a tear or two, just warning you. The actors chosen fit the part so well, including the horse. It is a great movie about a legendary athlete. 

2. Hidalgo 

This film was made in 2004 and is potentially based on a true story. There are known facts about the people and events, but it has not been 100% marked as real. It is about a man named Frank Hopkins and his famous paint, Hidalgo. Frank, is a long distance horse racer who gets invited to compete in the desert race, "The Ocean of Fire". It is a 3,000 mile race, located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is an incredible experience and the journey will have you on the edge of your seat. This one does include some violence, so just be aware if you have kiddos watching. It features stories about Wild Bill and other old west characters, as well as a jaw dropping tale. 

3. War Horse 

War horse was made in 2011 and is an incredible movie. It goes through the life of an actual war horse and his owner. It really dives into the unbreakable bond between a horse and person, as well as the tragic events that took place during the war. You will for sure cry with this one, but it is worth it. This movie does feature war scenes, so just be aware for kiddos. It is a very emotional, but uplifting story that you could re-watch multiple times. 

4. Secretariat 

Secretariat is another great race horse movie that was made in 2010. It tells the amazing story about the famous racehorse and how he became such a great athlete. It touches on the importance of family and shows a different perspective, coming from a housewife who took a chance on a horse. This is a great one for the whole family and it showcases just how amazing horses can be. 

5. The Man From Snowy River 

This is an older movie, but still a great one to watch. It was made in 1982, but packs a powerful story. It is about a man from Australia who takes a job on a cattle ranch, after his father passes away. It really helps him become an adult and shows his struggles to get there. It shows his journey on the ranch and all the challenges he faces, but also showcases his amazing horse. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend checking it out. In my opinion, it is known as a legendary horse movie. 

6. Flicka 

I know this movie may seem cheesy, but it actually has a great story and powerful meaning. It was filmed in 2006 and is about a young girl who lives with her family on a big horse ranch. They have an incident with a band of wild Mustangs and the girl falls in love with one of them. Of course it is the most wild mare, but they have a special bond together. It goes through their journey together and how she turns this wild filly into an outstanding horse. It also shows her personal growth, as well a family coming back together. It has always been one of my favorites. 

7. Dreamer 

This is another racehorse movie that was filmed in 2005. It is based on a true story and it tells the story of a racehorse who is rescued by an amazing horseman, who is having a lot of bad luck in life. They are loosing their ranch, he lost his job, and his family is falling apart. This horse could of bankrupted them, but he took a chance and fixes her up. It shows the bond grow between his daughter and brings light back into his life. It does show an amazing horse defeat all odds and overall, is just a really inspiring movie. 

8. Racing Stripes

I know what you are thinking, a Zebra doesn't really count as a horse movie, but this one is worth the watch. Racing Stripes is an adorable movie about a rescued Zebra. It was made in 2005. He believes he is a horse and dreams of racing. He has a farm full of friends that all help make his dreams come true. This is great for the kids or for adults as well! It is too cute to not watch. 

9. Walk. Ride. Rodeo 

This movie is the newest one on our list, made in 2019. It is a true story based off of a professional barrel racer, Amberley Snyder. Amberley had very big goals in the rodeo world, but a sudden accident changes everything. It shows her struggles and how she overcomes everything to still chase her dreams. It is cool because the real Amberley does all the stunts and they actually use her real horse in the movie. Some of the scenes are not super realistic when the actress is on the horse, but otherwise it is a very powerful movie. 

10. Black Beauty 

This was my all time favorite as a kid. It was made in 1994 and tells the story of a horse named, Black Beauty. This horse endures many different homes and experiences within his life, some not so good. It shows it from his perspective and how emotional it is to change owners. It is a very heartwarming story that is good for all ages. I did see they had come out with a new one in 2020, but I really suggest watching the original one also. It is a very moving story and gives a whole new outlook on how horses are treated in the world.