Fun Ideas & Adventures For Younger Riders

Posted by Lynnsy Johnson - Saddle Up on May 14th 2020

Growing up, I was the horse crazed little girl. My life revolved around horses and I wanted to do anything/everything that had to do with them. As a young kid, my parents involved me in all kinds of horse related activities and it was such a great experience. I think it is super important to support someone's passion, even at a young age. If you have a horse loving kiddo who is looking for more activities, you have clicked on the right blog! Today we are going to list a few topics of interest for all the young riders out there. These activities provide fun and educational learning experiences. It is a great way for kids to make great friends, learn more about horses, and make great memories! 

One of the most popular activity in our area is 4H Clubs. These clubs have a variety of options for younger kids to be involved in. You can show horses, livestock, or even other activities such as sewing. In the 4H world, there are many different disciplines that you can compete in with your horse. You can participate in reining, showing, western pleasure, obstacle courses, working cow, and many more. Keep in mind each 4H club can offer different things than others. For example, Boulder County 4H mainly focuses on showing and western pleasure. 4H teaches kids a lot of responsibility and is great for building friendships. There are different levels that your kid can move up to and they can even win awards. This is a youth program so they do have an age limit. The limits are typically around 5-18. There are also requirements and regulations to show/compete in 4H so be sure to familiarize yourself with the club of your choosing. 

Another great activity is Gymkhana Clubs. In our area, we have many different clubs that are a lot of fun for the whole family. At a Gymkhana event, you complete different patterns on your horse. They include barrel racing, keyhole, pole bending, flags, and others. They have many different age groups which really makes it a fun, family experience. The entry fees are typically low cost and you can even win awards. Some clubs require you to become a member to be eligible for awards, but it is a great confidence boosting experience and can be good training for your horse. You can go at any speed you want and it is a great way to build friendships. They are typically help through the summer and on the weekends. There are many different clubs and each of them can be different, so take a look and choose the perfect one for your family! 

You can also find a Ranch or Camp that has really fun horse related activities for kids and teens. Some of these may be a day or they even have week long events that your kiddo can stay at. A great example is C Lazy U Ranch. This place is known for their fun adventures for younger riders. They have different activities depending on age, but they offer a wide variety of fun experiences. For teens ages 13-17, they offer a weekend camp. During this weekend, the teens can partake on whitewater rafting adventures, horseback riding on the reservoir, and swimming. They give them a camping experience with a lot of 101 horse time. For kids ages 6-12. they offer a really cool week long program. For that one week, the kids are assigned their very own horse. During this week they will be guided by experienced counselors and learn how to take care of the horse, as well as develop riding skills. They visit the ranch hideaway, different cabins, and even the Blue Dot Forest. For the little cowpokes ages 3-5, they are led on a sweet little pony named Katie and they can also enjoy Donkey carriage rides. You can find many different options for ranches/camps like this one in your area! Here is a link to C Lazy U Ranch if you want to check them out!

There are many different fun things for your young, horse lover to enjoy! Try doing a Google search and see what is in your area! Facebook is also a great place to search for new activities, clubs, or recommendations! Give your kiddo a great experience doing something they love. We hope this brings you many ideas and new adventures! 

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