Cowboy Superstitions - Do you feel lucky?

Posted by Lynnsy Diekman - Saddle Up on Jan 5th 2022

Did you know cowboys have superstitions not only in daily life, but on the rodeo road also? People still swear by some of these and follow them to a T. Your luck can change depending on the color you wear all the way down to what you eat on competition day. Check them out below and try some out for yourself! You never know what the outcome could be! 

Rodeo Superstitions:

1. Never kick a paper cup that has been thrown on the ground at a rodeo. This brings bad luck. 

2. Never set your hat on a bed. This is considered bad luck, especially if you set it down like you would on your head. All the luck will run out if you do this. It is also said it could bring major injury or even death.

3. Never, ever, wear the color yellow. This color is bad luck, especially on competition day. 

*Fun Fact: The famous Four Sixes ranch will not let anyone wear yellow at their ranch or during competition.*

4. Cowgirls often wear different colored socks while competing because it brings good luck. 

5. Don't ever compete with change in your pocket. If you do, that could be all you take home.

6. Bronc riders should always put their right foot in the stirrup first.

7. Eating a hotdog before a competition is good luck. 

8. Never read your horoscope on competition day. It is considered bad luck. 

9. Never eat peanuts or popcorn in the arena. It is bad luck.

10. Always shave before a competition. It is said that if you clean up for "Lady Luck" she will show you favor.

11. Don't eat chicken before a competition. As the famous saying goes, you are what you eat. 

12. Never lend our your gear, your luck will get lost. 

Cowboy Superstitions:

1.Never wear a peacock feather in your hat.

2. Never cross your boots when you take them off, so you won't get tripped! 

3. Never lend out your hat, horse, or woman! 

4. Inhaling horse's breath is believed to be a cure for whooping cough.

5. The brass decoration on a horse harness is believed to protect them from witches. 

6. Horseshoes have always been considered lucky. A shoe from the hind foot of a gray mare is said be the luckiest of all. 

7. Stepping in manure is good luck. 

8. Never accept a gift of old boots. You will step into the old owner's troubles. 

9. Putting a copper penny in a water tank is said to help moody mares. 

10. If a horse steps in a wolf paw print, it is said that the horse will be crippled. 

11. Don't clean your boots, only oil them. If you clean them, you'll rub all the luck off. 

12. When someone gives you a knife as a gift, always give a penny for it. If not, you will cut yourself badly.