7 Largest Ranches in the United States

Posted by Lynnsy Diekman - Saddle Up on Sep 7th 2022

Within the United States alone, there are several amazing horse ranches. Some are well known and others are tucked away in places you would of never thought of. Regardless, some of these ranches have been named the top 7 largest in the U.S. They are not only beautiful, but run giant operations with horses, cattle, and sometimes farming. Let's take a look at those top 7. I know I would love to visit any of them! 

1. Waggoner Ranch:

The Waggoner Ranch is located in North Texas and is on 535,000 acres. It was built in 1849 and originally was owned by Dan Waggoner. His family eventually got involved and his son helped make it a ranching empire. They ended up selling the massive ranch to Kroenke Ranch in 2016. It is still operating today with close to 100 employees. They run cattle, horses, and even have a farming business. 

2. Vermejo Park Ranch 

The Vermejo Park Ranch is located in Norther New Mexico and Southern Colorado. It sits on 560,000 acres and is owned by media specialist, Ted Turner. The property is home to over 1,200 bison and also includes fishing ponds! It operates as a guest ranch with lodges and houses throughout the ranch. Guests can hunt during the summer or partake in ice fishing during the winter. 

3. Briscoe Ranches 

This property is located in South/West Texas and is a massive 660,000 acres. It is one of the largest ranches in Texas! It was originally owned and built by former Texas Governor, Dolph Briscoe. He developed a ranching empire and was known as the largest landowner in Texas at the time. He passed away in 2010, but his children still keep the ranch going today. 

4. Babbitt Ranches 

Babbitt Ranches includes 750,000 acres and is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are primarily a cattle operation, raising 8,000 head dating back to 1886. It is a family business that still follows cowboy rules and culture. They ride, rope, brand, and even have annual ranch sales for colts and cattle. In addition, they are also partnered with Arizona Game and Fish Department to help protect golden eagles, their nest sites, and help boost population. 

5. The Diamond A Ranch 

Located in Seligman, Arizona, this gorgeous ranch sits on 770,000 acres. It is known as the largest cattle ranch in Arizona. The Navajo Nation purchased the land back in 1987. They do still own the land, but Cholla Livestock LLC maintains the cattle operation while respecting property traditions. They also raise horses and they sell them, along with the cattle annually. 

6. King Ranch 

In Southeast Texas, you will find the famous, King Ranch. It sits on 825,000 acres! It was first purchased back in 1853 by Captain Richard King. They were known for producing some of the first cattle drives in the state. Some consider it to be the largest ranch in the country between its four sections of land. The main operation is revolved around raising cattle and horse. They also do some farming. In 1934, they expanded their operations into oil, gas, and agribusiness. King's family still run the ranch with the help of shareholders. It has been a historic family business, dating back just a few years after Texas become a state. 

7. Singleton Ranches

Our last featured ranch is the Singleton Ranch, located in California and New Mexico. This property sits on a whopping 1,000,000 acres! It was purchased and started in 1986 by Dr. Henry Singleton. Before purchasing it, this property was known as the historical San Cristobal Ranch. He wanted a cattle and horse operation, but also wanted to preserve the ranching lifestyle. The ranch is still operational today and is ran by his family. It is known as one of the top five ranching operations in the country.