14.5" New Martin Saddlery Western Crown C Barrel Saddle 08048

14.5" New Martin Saddlery Western Crown C Barrel Saddle 08048

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Saddle Features


  • Sherry Cervi teamed up with Martin Saddlery to design the Crown C Barrel Racer. The Crown C’s specific design helps barrel racers maintain proper body position and stability during a run. It employs attributes that aid barrel racers in absorbing those quick jarring movements common with today’s faster, more athletic barrel horses. When championships are determined by hundredths of a second, the Crown C gives riders a competitive advantage that truly makes a difference in their performance.
  • SPRS™ (Stirrup Positioning Rig Slot) holds fenders in forward position and offers resistance, keeping rider deep in the seat pocket
  • Shortened seat jockey (distance between the swell and cantle) gives the rider increased stability without hindering her freedom to stand up and sit down when necessary
  • Straight up and down saddle horn allows the rider to brace and support her body without losing balance
  • Horn cap is shaped to fit perfectly in the rider’s palm, accommodating added support and comfort for those who prefer to grab the top of the horn
  • Features Martin's Adjustable Rigging 
  • Natural light leather accented by a combination basket stamp and floral tool
  • Rough-out seat jockeys and fenders for grip
  • Rust, suede seat with white quilting

Saddle Specifications

  • Gullet Height: 8.25"
  • Cantle Height: 4"
  • Horn Height: 3"
  • Horn Cap: 2"
  • Approx Weight: 29 lbs
  • Skirt Length: 26"
  • Tree Size: 15"
  • Seat Size: 14.5"
  • Gullet: 7" mid-concho to mid-concho