Wither Tracing Program

 Do you need a saddle fit, but you live out of town, out of state, or are you too far from our shop? We're happy to help you out! Our Wither Tracing program is a perfect way for us to provide everyone in the United States with the perfect saddle fit! 




Step 1: Gather the materials.

Materials List:

  • Romex Wire (approximately 24")
  • Cardboard Box
  • Pen/Sharpie
  • Box Cutter 


Step 2: Watch this video with step-by-step directions, from one of our own saddle fitters, to construct your horse's wither tracings:



Step 3: After completing your wither tracings, please print out and complete this form to include with your wither tracings:

Click on this link to access the form:


Step 4: Then, send us pictures of the horse's back from the side, with the head up and the legs square. Additionally, send a picture of the horse's back from the top. Send these images by email, or by text to, 720-601-4061.


Step 5: Send the Wither-Tracings and your form to this address:


Saddle Up Colorado

P.O. Box 412

Gilcrest, CO 80623