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Feb 13th 2019
Organized trail rides are a great way to socialize with other horse enthusiasts, offers a good trai
Feb 6th 2019
Standardbred horses were bred to race while pulling sulkies (carts) and trotting at speeds up to 35
Jan 31st 2019
Clinics are a great way to learn new skills that will help you and your horse achieve the goals you
Jan 23rd 2019
The Pony Express is an iconic part of the American West during the mid-1800s. It was developed by a
Jan 16th 2019
Driving is a popular equestrian sport, although not as popular as riding. The sport harkens back to
Jan 9th 2019
When you think of children and horses you usually imagine a furry, stocky Shetland pony that is hap